Friday, April 26, 2013


            How architecture has changed throughout the years could have not been any more obvious with simply addressing the history of our firm, TMR Associates. The firm launched its first projects in 1987 and has been ever so involved in designing, construction, and management. Coincidently, the building of the year at the time of the opening of the firm was announced as the ARAB World Institute Building by Jean Nouvel.  

             The building was situated in a difficult site withnumerous restrictions. However, the result was successful in engaging the building with the surrounding community. An interesting shading system involving a 'living' curtain wall system was also successfully utilized. The pattern work of the fa├žade included a strong relation to the traditional Arabic screen systems used throughout. Thus the technological advances surpassed the expectations for the time period.
            Furthermore, the architecture that we are experiencing present day also has many considerable feats. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai was designed and engineering by SOM architects. The skyscraper soars in the developing Dubai cityscape and at 828m the structure is far superior in height then any of its competition. The Burj Khalifa shattered dozens upon dozens of records including, longest vertical plumbing, highest restaurant/nightclub, and far more floors then the current holder. This fine example of architecture and engineering collaboration allowed the building to be erected in unthinkable timing of only a few years.

            Whether it be 26 years ago or now, the architecture that is being developed is astonishing. The limitless designs that architects are able to grasp on to and perfect, reveal that there are further surprises awaiting us in the future. Architecture is everlasting and it is only a matter of time as to when the next notable feat is uncovered. 

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